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The Pleasures of Winter

The Pleasures of Winter by Evie Hunter
The Pleasures of Winter

By Evie Hunter

When journalist Abbie Marshall needs to get out of Honduras fast, a private jet carrying a Hollywood a-lister is an offer she can’t refuse. She has a ride home if she covers a lifestyle story for her newspaper – an interview with Jack Winter, notorious womaniser and all round bad boy.

Jack hits on her shamelessly as soon as they meet, making Abbie determined to keep her distance. When their plane crashes in the Honduran jungle, they must fight against nature as they make their way to safety.  Away from the cameras, Jack reveals another side of himself, his tough guy image is more than just an act and he prefers his pleasure mixed with pain.   A brush with danger in the jungle leads to the most explosive sexual encounters of either of their lives.

When she returns home, Abbie finds herself at the centre of a media storm and a broken engagement.  If Abbie wants a relationship with Jack, she must learn to embrace his world and in doing so explore her own sexual fantasies. Gradually, Jack takes control of her life until she becomes obsessed with him. Unprepared for the feelings she has provoked in him, Jack struggles to maintain an emotional barrier between them. Abbie is drawn deeper into the dark heart of Winter and the secret that threatens to destroy his career.

When his past is revealed, Jack believes that she has betrayed him and Abbie flees to the one place she knows he will never follow her. Or will he?