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Don’t Feed The Fairies

Don't Feed The Fairies by Eileen Gormley
Don’t Feed The Fairies

By Eileen Gormley

Getting stranded on Earth was a shock, but Cytolene has a plan. She’s going to hitch a lift on the first spaceship home. In the meantime, there are all those delicious Earthers to feast on. It’s true what they say – human energy is the tastiest in the galaxy.

When she discovers she’s not the only alien on Earth, Cytolene has to protect a helpless baby from a vicious bunch of alien hunters.

She enlists the help of Steve, a high-tech hottie – well, she always wanted a pet. But why does he think she’s his girlfriend? And why is he so jealous of Mike, the lethal ex-Marine?

When her humans are captured by the baby’s sexy big brother, Cytolene has to find a way to keep them alive and off the menu.

In a clash with her own people, Cytolene has to decide what she’s willing to risk to protect her humans.