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Eileen Gormley

Eileen Gormley is the mother of three children, who find her too embarrassing to speak to in public, but they will send her animals on Facebook.

She started writing at school, when she discovered that Enid Blyton had grossly misled her about the relative amount of study and midnight feasts at boarding school. Fortunately, getting expelled broke up the monotony.

She worked as a freelance reporter for all the National Irish papers for 15 years, and finds writing science fiction is far less stressful. So far, no matter how many odd questions she asks, no-one has tried to beat her up.

She’s now a breastfeeding counsellor who also writes diets and workout plans for bodybuilders. She takes her own advice and does heavy deadlifts and bench press when she hits the gym, but is still searching for the magic supplement which will allow her to get skinny without having to sweat.



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