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Jake’s Prisoner

Jake's Prisoner by Caroline McCall
Jake’s Prisoner

By Caroline McCall

Seduced by a treacherous human, Tanith finds herself in the brig of a starship heading for Earth. Betrayed by Jake – the man she loves – Tanith is being hunted by every mercenary in the quadrant. They’re convinced she holds the key to a crime lord’s fortune. Cyraelian females have that little something extra, a symbiotic creature called a Dermatrax. Hers is about to fully mature, sending out a call for a mate, turning her into a sensual time bomb that no man can resist.

On a ship full of human males, Tanith is a lethal weapon – and she wants revenge. But when Jake risks his life to save her, Tanith must decide where her loyalties lie. While she’s tempted to return to her own world, she is just as drawn to handsome Jake. Her choice will have long-lasting consequences for all.